Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ Something to think about ~

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.... Matthew 28:19

This scripture was the one resounding through my head as I prayed about enrolling in Bible School for the 2nd year. I wanted to go and knew that it would be good for me to go. However, there was no $$ to go. I found myself praying alot about it til one day a close friend told me to apply for a scholarship. I didn't even knew they had a scholarship program ~ shows you how much I was paying attention. ;D So began another journey in prayer because I didn't know what to write on the application ~ this was not your typical scholarship form and I was working full-time so I felt awkward asking for $$.

Over a period of 2 wks I spent alot of time studying my Bible, praying and trying to figure out how to go to school. One night at about 3a, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to read and pray hoping I would be able to relax and go back to sleep. That didn't happen ~ instead I began writing. I can't remember everything I wrote that night but I remember very clearly the answer to the question "why do I want to attend Bible School?" My answer was ~ "I know in my heart that I've been called to teach. I hear clearing the Lord saying "Go ye" and my answer is "I will".

This was almost 9yrs ago but I remember that night clearly knowing that I was to go to school and that the Lord was making a way out of no way. Yes, I received my scholarship ~ which paid for all my classes and books. I graduated and received my diploma for completing the 2yr program. It was the best and worst year of my life. However, as I reflect now ~ I wouldn't be able to do what I do now if it hadn't been for that leap of faith.

Now in '08 ~ this scripture returns, its my devotions for the day. Again I must answer the question, "will you go?" As I think about it, and I'm sure most of you thought the same thing, go where? Oh sure, it would be awesome to go to Russia again, to travel all over the world but realistically I must stay put and graduate my younger children. So as I'm pondering where exactly I am to go, I finish reading the devotion. You know what, it was exactly the one I read that late night long ago filling out my scholarship application. Now I've read this probably 10 times or more since then but today it stands out once again. Here is the part that speaks the loudest:

"In addition to the challenging command "go ye," there is another option, an alternative reading of this verse. Besides "go ye," the opening phrase can be interpreted, "As you go . . . " All Christians are in motion. We are on a path leading to our eternal home. We are going through this life, led by the Spirit, and strengthened by the Word of God.
"As you go, make disciples of all nations." When you go to the post office, when you go to the store, when you go to work, to school, or to church. When you go on vacation. Whenever and wherever you go, be on the lookout for opportunities to share with others the Good News!
Not only go, but as you - make disciples!"

So as I'm working on lesson plans for my dear children, as I'm writing out my grocery list, as I'm helping a customer at work ~ I need to be operating in "go ye" mode. I must confess, I've not been lately. I've only been focused on getting the 2 graduated and prepared for college; being on time for work and how much housework must get done. I've not taught them how to "go ye" or "as you go" and that is not right. I'm so glad the Lord is forgiving and will allow me the chance to get it right. I'm humbled that He loves me enough to remind me today of my purpose, His plan for my life and that I am able to fulfill it no matter the circumstances. Therefore, I will go and as I go, I will share the good news with all and tell of His unfailing love.

Will you go with me? You can ~ just say "I will."

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~ 7 Random Facts Meme ~

I've been tagged by Rachel to play along. Hmm... now to come up w/7 things you'd be interested in knowing. Ok ~ let the games begin.

7 Random Facts... now these are the rules:

- Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
- Post these rules on your blog.
- List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. I’ll try my best!
- Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
- Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog

My 7 random facts:
1 ~ I grew up in New York City
2 ~ I taught children's church when I was a teen
3 ~ I love music and singing makes me happy
4 ~ I stay up late watching BBC comedy
5 ~ I absolutely love chinese food
6 ~ I enjoy making things ~ like now "a roaring fire"
7 ~ When I grow up I'm gonna be a RockStar ;D

Tag, you're it ~ that means you,
Robin/Jim, Tim, Knitted Zebra, Carol, Jane, and Teabird

Have fun!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

~ In Other Words ~

"A family without a commitment to the God of the Bible has no hope of stemming the tide of cultural onslaught. If we mix a little biblical truth, a little secular physchology, a little romance novel idology, and a little eastern mysticism, we will get a deadly mixture of lies. Unfortunately, this is what many Christian families do . . . If we are to experience multigeneraltional faithfulness we must come to a place where we throw off the shackles of our culture and live in the fullness that is found only in Christ. We must be people who live the Word in our homes."

~By Voddie T. Baucham, Jr~

wow ~ thats something to think about ~ I'm speechless. Will be back later but don't mind me, why don't you join us and tell us what you think about this quote. ;D

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~ Happy New Year ~

its been a long time since I blog here. I've also beeng thinking about combining it w/my simplified life blog but I couldn't do it. I came over today to copy n paste my links to the other template and just couldn't do it. I starting reading the previous posts, the comments and visiting the links and I miss you guys. I don't want to leave. This is a lovely home I've created here and I think it will have to remain apart of my life for now.

I see one of my fav mentors has been spotlighted this month at CWO ~ Lisa Whelchel. Thats really awesome ~ you need to go over and read the interview. I now need to add her new book to my wishlist. I also see that "In Other Words" has changed hands but thats ok everyone is realizing they need to simplify their lives as I have. I still will be participating and now will go over to check out what this week's quote is. I'll be back. ;D


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