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~Spring Reading Thingy~

I'm joining in the fun, though I missed the deadline for the cool drawing. Here is my list that I am hoping to get done:

Blind Assassin
The Joy Luck Club
Dante's Inferno
Mansfield Park
For the Children's Sake
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
Body Clutter ~ this will have to wait
There are no shortcuts
Knit One, Kill Two
...there are a few more but my computer is not acting friendly so I"ll update tomorrow.

Join in the fun by clicking the above image.

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Hi Dawn, I'm glad you have joined the Spring Reading Thing! Looks like you have some great books to look forward to this spring. Enjoy!

I'm reading a Joanna Weaver book too, Having a Mary Spirit. So many people have recommended her books I thought it was time to dive in.
Pay careful attention when you're reading The Blind Asassin. There are so many little details that you need to absorb to get the story.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is a really good book. Hope you enjoy it!

Those books sound really great to read :)...I wish I would have more time to actually pick up a book. Right now the only reading I actually do is my Bible *sigh*...I think I need a time-management plan...

Blessings to you and yours.

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