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Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord!

This morning’s devotional writer talked about the “Chimes of Praise.” He mostly pointed us to creations praise of our Lord ~ sounds you hear outside your window everyday but may not have noticed or even recognized as praise. He goes on to illustrate how at the first of August you hear more clearly the insects then you did before especially the locust. How the birds are either tired or to full and fat to sing so you can hear the other insects.

This morning as I let the dog out ~ I heard what would easily be described as a Hallelujah chorus. I stopped to listen realizing that I was experiencing just what he described. I admit, I don’t think I’ve ever really listened to nature like I did today and I was rewarded for my attentiveness. The locust sang in 3 part harmony, the birds chimed in and their was melody that I can’t even begin to describe. I originally thought the sounds were coming from only one direction but as the melody and tempo changed, I realized that all the trees were resounding in sound and it was glorious. I thank the Lord for such a wonderful, awesome moment. I stood in silence listening, watching the moths play around my legs until I was startled inside by a loud buzzing sound, which when I turned to move away realized this insect was also singing. ;D

Have you stopped to listen to the praises around you? Have you offered up your own praise today? Lift up your head, your heart and open your mind and give praise to the one and only God. May you be blessed and filled with His praise, His peace, His joy and His goodness.

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My 2 year old daughter recently discovered that crickets sing. When I told her what she was hearing, she immediately replied, "Crickets sing me." I like that she took the sounds of nature as a personal gift to her. But, it's more amazing to think that the crickets were singing praises to our Father. I do tend to appreciate the sounds of nature, but I should focus more on saying "AMEN!" in response.

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