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~ Thankful Thursday ~

I'm so lame ~ I've been an absentee blogger of the worse kind. I've spent more time reading then writing, well at least for this blog. I've got several things roaming around in my head for this blog but don't seem to ever get them onto the page. Hmm, wonder whats up with that. I've been neglectful too. I've received a "thinking blog" nomination and haven't posted. I even failed to post my finish for the Spring Reading Thingy ~ which I finished but didn't get entered in the drawings b/c I forgot. ;D I had even created a draft post. Go figure, but instead of being too down on myself, I will update now with my thankfulness then I'll do a post for the thinking blog ~ wow its an honor. ;D

So my list is this ~ I'm thankful for:
~ the ability to write something that allows others to think
~ for the ability to share my thoughts
~ for the wisdom that the Lord has placed in me and continues to nourish
~ for the ability to drive a rental car though driving is becoming my nemesis ;D
~ for PBS Mystery ~ I love Miss Marples and she's back
~ for my swap partners ~ they sent great packages
~ for friends like Leslie ~ who love, respect and encourage you just by being your friend
~ for my best friend Carmen ~ who has agreed to go on a cruise w/me ;D
~ for the rain but more for the sunshine of the past 2 days

well, thats all for now for my heart is full of my thankful thoughts and I'm off to ponder the wonders of my God who made all these things possible.

~ Be Blessed ~

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Blessings to you dear one.

yeah for great friends - and a cruise - that's awesome. Where do you think you will go? Hope that you have a blessed weekend.

Wow, I'd love to go on a cruise! Lucky you! :-)

Great list.

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