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~ In Other Words ~

"If I'd abandon all that seeks
to make my faith informed and chic,
could You, would You,
show Yourself to me?"
~ Nichole Nordeman~

This is truly something to think about on the heels of my despondency. I haven't had to deal with living my faith "informed or chic" but I am having to pray and lead my dc not to follow such a path. I truly believe that when we surrender our all to Him without all the baggage and strings the world has added to make it more appealing, we will see Him. He reveals Himself when we least expect, no need for us to be elaborate or impressive. He desires a meek and humble spirit fully trusting and believing that He is and will be all that we need Him to be.

Our father Abraham knew, Isaac knew, Jacob knew, Jesus knew, and Paul told us for he too knew. In order to see Him as He is, for Him to show Himself to us, we must first believe, trust and worship Him for who He is. It is awesome when He draws near. You know He's there, His presence is such a definite one that there is no mistaking it when He's near. He wants to be near to all His dc, He longs to show Himself to us so that we may know Him, trust Him and love Him as deeply as He loves us.

In the rush of life, working and homeschooling, I forgot the beauty of resting, inviting and receiving the Lord. I wasn't trying to conform my faith to any current ideas, I just let my faith become stagnant and un-exercised. I realize that most of my fatigue is directly related to my spiritual health.

Oh, the good news, He has drawn near today. Yes, today He has revealed Himself to me as I worshipped Him, as I gave Him the praise that was due His name, as I began to humble myself in the knowledge that I am nothing without Him and more than anything else "He loves me for who I am not what I do." Oh, I can say with a full heart that the Lord has made me glad this day that I know Him, that I choose to follow Him with my whole heart and as I do so, my dc will have an example of true worship so their faith will not be made informed or chic nor will they follow after things that are not of Him. I desire for us all, just as Paul, to walk circumspectly knowing what is our rightful calling in the Lord and to have an intimate relationship with Him ~ the Lord of Glory.

Lord, thank you for everything for you are truly awesome. You reach down to a wretched soul and you make it beautiful and whole. Lord, I want to see your Glory just as Abraham did and I long to see you face to face. You are an awesome God and I love you.

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"No need for us to be elaborate or impressive". I love that quote. Elaborate and impressive is what is important to the world, but God only wants the simplicity of companionship with him. Thanks for participating this week!

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