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Blessings of Today

It is the first mild day of March.
Each minute sweeter than before . . .
There is a blessing in the air . . .
~ William Wordsworth ~

Today is a new day, with new possibilities for new hopes and dreams and a day of expectancy. In the midst of the wonder of its newness is the assurance of those things familiar and dear. Therefore, I am not only thankful for all the many blessings that are filling and flowing in and through my life but for the very day itself.

On this 1st of March 2007, I am thankful for:
~ friends that seek to share your life with love, encouragement, support and sarcasm when appropriate
~ spending a morning with a friend over tea/coffee at Panera’s
~ for the ability to use my hands to make lovely things
~ to worship with my whole heart, mind and soul
~ for fun online groups like knit alongs and all the new friends on them
~ remembrance of today’s importance *the day I met my dh*
~ for my Lord and Savior, you are the best part of my day

May each of you have an awesome day and remember to be thankful even for the little things in our life

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Sweet post, thanks for sharing.

Hi,Shawnee is about 90 miles from Tulsa. Sort of a drive.
The picture thing is when I down load them on to the page I can't move them to where I want, and also they don't go where the curser is on the page. They can't see to be cut and pasted where I want them. Is it me or is the blogger?

Thank you, Dawn for sharing your thankfulness with us this week. It is so wonderful to know that He died for us and our sin to reconcile us our Heavenly Father. I thrilled you had a great time with friends this week :).

I am so sorry that I am so late this week...

Blessings to your week ahead of you.

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