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~ My Swap Package ~

Woohoo! I got my package from my KTC Swap partner. Yes sir, that there package was very nice, if I say so myself. Looka here, see all thats inside, then go on over and show some love to Pooch for being such a blessing. ;)

Books ~ Knit One, Kill Two & Unashamed

Goodie Bag ~ Stitch Counter, Christmas Stocking Point Protectors, Darning Needles w/case and Topaz colored Stitch Markers

Inside Book ~ Book Thong marker

Yarn Love ~ 16 oz of 100% Rayon in Green, Gold, Purple and ..... I'll take another pic once I wound it.

I am truly blessed and look forward to reading my books. I have both of these on my TBR list and K1K2 is ready for pickup at the library. LOL The stitch markers are special to me because they are my birthstone color. I had just been contemplating whether to buy the darning needle kit. Looks like I won't have to. Now that Book Thong ~ now thats something one doesn't see very often. Its great and I'm going to enjoy using it. ;D

Pooch, thank you very much for such lovely and thoughtful gifts. Have an awesome day!

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