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Thoughts of the Day

Its been a very productive day. I managed to sort the stacks of library books and get them ready to be returned. I somehow managed to leave half of the here, though, when I left for work. Oh well, such is life. I am still working on the remainder of my books, I should be done by Friday, especially now that is snowing here. Yippee! I like snow, the rest of my df doesn't but I grow up in NY and snow is apart of who I am.

I have been writing narrations for "The Lion, et al." and I may post some of them here next week. I am thoroughly enjoying my study. The book "Soul of the Lion, et al." is a great companion to the book and as I read the story, I get to not only enjoy a wonderful story but the spiritual significance of the story. This is truly wonderful. Today we ordered our tickets for the movie. We will go to the 4:15p showing on Friday at one of our discount theaters. The tickets were a bargain at $2.75 a piece ($.75 for online processing). I am so excited. I'll write a review this weekend.

I also found a new book called
"Roar! A Christian Family Guide to the Chronicles of Narnia" at the library. It has some really cool stuff in it for the whole family. There are even exam ?s for those hsg moms out there. I found the following in the beginning of the book and thought you might like to read it. Enjoy! Talk w/you soon.

The Narniac's Creed

I believe in a lion name Aslan
Who died and rose again
For a greedy child like me.

He is good but not safe,
And the more I grow,
The bigger he becomes.

At Aslan's roar, even the trees bow down.
Yet he comes to romp and play
With any who will join him.

He has another name in our world.
And by knowing him a little in Narnia,
I know him better here.

He's not a tame lion, it's true.
But when I am thirsty,
There is no other stream.

So I will take the adventure that Aslan sends,
And whethere I live or die,
he will be my good lord,

Until further up and further in
I finally reach his true country
And leave the Shadowlands behind.

~ From "Roar!" by Heather Kopp

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