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~ Spring Reading Thingy ~ Update

Blind Assassin ~ returned
The Joy Luck Club ~ done
Dante's Inferno
Mansfield Park
For the Children's Sake ~ done
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
Body Clutter ~ this will have to wait
There are no shortcuts
Knit One, Kill Two ~ done
Chicks with Sticks ~ done *****

So, the above was my original list right?! Well, lets see ~ I believe an update is in order.
Blind Assassin - returned to library w/o completing ~ too much inappropriate language for my liking.

The Joy Luck Club - listened to an abridged version and watched movie ~ not sure I liked it but it was very interesting to learning the history and life stories of these women who were brought together by shared tragedy and interest. It reminds me of some of my friends, new and old. ;D

For the Childrens Sake ~ book for those who want to use Charlotte Mason's principles today, at home and in a school. Valuable resource ~ full of tips, explanations and ideas to implement the methods. I highly recommend this book to new and veteran homeschoolers.

Knit One, Kill Two ~ this is a murder mystery which involves a community of knitters. The main character doesn't knit but is the heir of the murdered victim. She learns to knit and appreciate the craft that her beloved aunt adored as she tries to find her killer and keep from losing her property. I found the book a bit dull but the pattern and recipe in the back of the book fun. I look forward to using both. I am planning to read the next book "Needled to Death" and hope its alot better. ;D

Chicks with Sticks ~ this is a young adult book that I absolutely enjoyed. I know, I know ~ it was written for teens but nonetheless I found it alot of fun to read. The main character, of course is a teenage, and its told from her perspective. You are introduced to her as she is experiencing another night of insomnia. Boy, can I relate to those nights. You follow her life for about a year and discover the source of her agony, the comfort she finds in knitting along with the flack she gets for knitting. You meet her friends, her crazy parents who turn around at the end and you leave with the satisfied feeling that you too have come away with a new perspective on life. Knitting can bring all sorts together for a common good no matter what the odds. Thats the part I like about the book and my new found hobby. Enjoy!

Thats all for now. Happy Reading!

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