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~ 100th Post ~

Hello ~ blog friends, this is my 100th post since I first began this wonderful space. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have something to share and friends who read it. In honor of this special occasion, I've decided to join in something absolutely wonderful that my friends at CWO have just introduced. Its called "One Thousand Gifts." The lovely Ann at Holy Experience, has started something simply wonderful by making a list of the one thousand gifts she receives. You must read the full essay in order to fully understand. The most significant thing about this list, is the fact that this is a list of gratitude not of wants. We are so quick to desire something but fail to take time to enjoy what we have at the moment. I truly appreciate Ann's challenge to take time to "smell the roses" and give glory to whom it is due ~ my Lord. So, I shall begin my own list below and you will be able to keep up with my list and others by accessing the link in my sidebar. If you choose to join us, please leave me a comment so that I may visit your list too and give thanks with you for the blessings we have been honored to receive.

~ My Thousand Gifts ~
1. God's love and mercy
2. peace in my home with sleeping children and pets
3. thoughtfulness of my dh ~ see 12 Days to My Birthday posts
4. ability to relax and enjoy doing nothing
5. my best friend ~ Chandra
6. homeschool friends around the world
7. blogging friends
8. praying friends
9. bags of needed books @ library book sale
10. freedom to live a life of Christ
11. sun shining thru a window that needs to be cleaned
12. hope of His calling in my life
13. the love and joy filling my heart for my family
14. motherhood ~ with its joys and challenges
15. my secret pal
16. clean kitchen
17. a son who loves to make & eat homemade pancakes
18. beauty and aroma of candles
19. cup of coffee and a good book
20. clearance sales on yarn
21. my childrens craft projects ~ knitted scarfs
22. breath of life
23. ministry of Creflo Dollar & Kenneth Copeland
24. soft clicking of knitting needles
25. books on tape and cd
Part 2

Such a good list, too. Loved it. Thankful for bloggers like you who continue to reflect on all our daily graces.


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