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Cultivating Mother's Heart Pt 8

I've been reading more slowly lately, so I haven't changed my book list. I believe I will start reading on a quarterly basis, sort of a 3-4 term yearly reading plan. Yes, I will continue to draw from the reading plan that I outlined in my previous posts, but allow myself to read more slowly one or two of the options instead of trying to read six. I want to spend more time reading some of my dc school books too and there only so many things I can do in a 24 hr day. So, I am prioritizing my day.

I'm always looking out for a wonderful little book to add to my collection and recently I found this little gem: One-Minute Pocket Bible for Women: The New King James Version (One-Minute Pocket Bible Series). I haven't read past the preface, which is incredibly powerful and uplifting. It is titled "Facts About Woman," and it gave me much to think about. I realized that cultivating my heart was another way of restoring my relationship with my heavenly Father. In the midst of all the sadness and sorrow this past, I am able to rejoice in knowing my Lord loves me and is there for me and all His dc. I'll share this preface in another post.

~ Mini Update ~

CMs Vol 1 - it is rich in meaning and instruction. I am enjoying the discussions and the slow reading of this book. I am starting to understand more about myself and I how learn as well as the best approach to training my dc. It isn't overwhelming and I realize it isn't too late to make changes in self so that I can assist in making changes in them.

CMs Vol 4 - I haven't been keeping up as I would like, though what I have recently read gave me some hope for my future and direction on self. Need to read more.

Teach Me to Pray - I've been reading this but not posting ~ oops! I have been applying the principles of prayer that is outline and seeing the results that were promised. I have a closer and more intimate relationship with the Lord and I am learning to be patient with myself.

That's about it for now. I am still trying to read "A Christmas Angel" and "Making All Things New." Not sure if its my time to read either, so I will be putting them aside for now. I have picked up another book that I would like to finish "Sense and Sensibility." I started listening to this last spring and never finished. I plan to pull out the crochet needles, some yarn and the cd player and give it a go. I do hope to finish this time and a blanket too.

Have a great week!

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