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Today's Devotions

Murray's opening statement is this:
"Definite, determined prayer is what we need."

I remember when I re-dedicated my life to the Lord, I became a member of the Clothing Ministry at my home church. The ladies would always begin and end each work session with prayer. There was one lady though that stood out from all the rest. She prayed with boldness and I wanted to be just like her. I would practice in my prayer time and I would look up the scriptures to learn more on prayer. Finally, I came to a place where the only way to have that boldness was to be unwavering, completely surrended and fully persuaded that what I boldly came to the throne to ask for, I would receive.

My prayer life changed immediately from that point. I began to seek the Lord on a daily, continual basis. I found that I truly looked forward and enjoyed this sweet fellowship with my Lord. I began interceding for others everyday which really changed my life and help me to see and understand what the Great Intercessor does for me daily. Definite, determined prayer ~ He has it, I've experienced and now its time to continually live it.

I challenge you today, come boldly to the throne of God and make your requests know unto Him, fully expecting Him to do what you are asking according to His Word. Then watch the Spirit of the Lord shake your world for His glory.

~ Be Blessed ~

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