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~ Devotion ~ Feb 28th

The Urgent Need
~ If you keep knocking long enough, he will get up and give you what you want so his reputation won't be damaged.
Luke 11:8

By intercession our faith, love, and perservance will be aroused. How may we become more successful in prayer? In the parable of the friend at midnight, Jesus teaches us that intercession for the needy calls forth our power of prevailing prayer. Intercession is the most perfect form of prayer; it is the prayer Christ ever lives to pray on His throne.

Intercession has its origin in urgent need. The friend came at midnight. He was hungry and could not buy bread. If we are to learn to pray as we should, we must open our eyes and hearts to the needs around us.

We hear of the billions of unreached people living in midnight darkness, perishing for lack of the bread of life. We hear of millions of nominal Christians, the majority almost as ignorant and indifferent as the heathen. We see millions in the Church, not indifferent, and yet knowing little of the power of a life fed by bread from heaven. If we believe what we profess, that God certainly will help in answer to prayer, this ought to make intercessors of us. It should motivate us to give our lives to prayer for those around us.

Let's face the need--Christless souls perishing of hunger while there is bread enough and to spare! Our own neighbors and friends, people entrusted to us, die without hope! Christians around us live fruitless lives! Prayer is needed.

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