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Today's Devotions

This is awesome. I am having such a wonderful time with this study. I hope you all, who are following with me, are having a wonderful time in the Lord too.

Today's devotions is again about love. Murray opens with this statement that really ministered to my heart "Today is wholly devoted to the praise of love." Yes, thats what I needed to wholly praise in love. Oh, how freeing this is, to know that to love the Lord, to live for His love and in His love, changes everything. The negative has to go, the guilt has to go, the pain has to go and anything that is not of God has to go. For in living a life of love is living in the very presence of God who is love.

I don't know about any of you, but this makes me shout inside, want to shout at the top of my lungs the glorious wonders of our God. I love the Lord ~ that's it ~ I love the Lord and it really feels good to truly, wholly love Him with all my heart.

May you know the joy and beauty of loving our heavenly Father, too!

~ Be Blessed ~

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