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Peaceful Day at the Museum

Today, my oldest dd and I went to her work's Christmas luncheon. The luncheon took place at Le Villa in the Philbrook Museum. It was delightful and the food was excellent. The best part of the day was walking though the museum w/my dd. I think we had the most fun in the gift shop but we didn't spend any money, this time. We plan to go back and purchase a copy of the above painting. It is very beautiful in person. I am not sure if the one the Philbrook has is the original, but it doesn't matter ~ it is exquisite. My dd loves it. I think we own an art book w/more of his paintings, I'll have to look.

Enjoy the picture

The Shepherdess
Adolphe-William Bouguereau

I love his paintings! Someday I hope to have a print of this one:

I love Philbrook! I grew up in Tulsa and had many opportunities to go the museum and lovely gardens. Thank you for sharing the beautiful painting and bringing happy thoughts to mind for this native Tulsa girl.

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