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Cultivating Mother's Heart Pt 2

Today, I spent time reading. I also listened to one of my books on tape, "Celebration of Discipline." This is going to be a slow read, yes I know I said I was listening, but the author is reading and he does it a little faster than I anticipated. Therefore, I've decided to take my time to chew on what he is saying. I only managed to listen to side A of Tape 1 and pressed rewind. I will begin again and work on my habit of attention this time, maybe I'll create a schedule of short readings for myself as well. Umm, I believe this is the beginnings of a CM education for Mom after all.

Later, I took time to organize some of my CM notes and found this wonderful reminder for me of why I am doing this. In a Parents Review Article titled "The Mother's Educational Course," the author Mrs. Anson ends her talk with these words:

"For to be honestly pursuing a course of study, however simply, makes a mother feel that she is trying in some measure to live worthily of her calling. She will feel that she is doing her best to prepare herself for the bringing up and training of useful men and women, thoroughly developed in body, mind, and spirit, who may by God's blessing leave the world a little better than they found it."

You can read the entire article here

So, if you doubt the importance of Mother cultivating her heart and mind, be at rest knowing that it really is worth the effort. So begin your course of study today.


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