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Concerts, Concerts, Everywhere!

We have had an awesome time this past week. I have truly enjoyed myself so much. We attend 3 concerts and got to volunteer for one of the bands at one of them. You can read a full account at my other blog, a recent post of the same title here.

Now about the music - this is the best part. I purchased 3 cds from the first concert, David Crowder Bands, Shane & Shane's and Robbie Seay Band. I have been listening to DCB's and it is incredible. Its like being at the concert all over again. You really should check these out. Todd Agnew's new one is great too - haven't bought this one yet but will ask for it for either my b-day or christmas present. All the bands that I went to see were awesome. They ministered and worshipped, which was just a wonderful time in the Lord. I look forward to attending more in the future, but first a little rest.


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