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Upgraded ~ finally ;D

I got to upgrade my blog today to the new beta version of blogger. Yeah! I'll be working on it for the next day or two, making changes here and there. So far, it seems to run smoother and I can't wait to try out the new template features. Need to fix some of my links and codes but thats okay.

Gotta run now, need to finish making homemade sauce and working on my sites. Talk w/you soon. Have a great night.

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You upgraded, huh? I found another blogger who did, too. It makes the comments a bit different - it chooses your identity by default (using your gmail account, maybe?) It *knew* me, even though I didn't type in any info - but it didn't recognize me as my Blogger identity.

So, no bugs? Still free? Any new features?

I am thrilled that you didn't had any problems switching over to the new version. I know some people did have issues.

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