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Fall Reading Challenge '06

I've decided to join the "Fall Reading Challenge." I've got a stack of books that I've been working on for sometime and I've just not been motivated to finish them. Since this challenge will end on Dec 21st, I'm hoping to finish off this stack and possibly start another. Below is a pic of my stack, I'll list them individually with categories later.

(sorry ~ the pic's not the greatest)

1. Total Money Makeover ~ Dave Ramsey *Done

2. Financial Peace Revisited ~ Dave Ramsey *Done

3. The Confident Woman ~ Joyce Meyer

4. Mystery Shopping Made Simple ~ Dr. Ilisha S. Newhouse *Done

5. Honey, They Shrunk My Hormones ~ Caron Chandler Loveless

6. Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth ~ Luann Budd *Done

7. Living Well on One Income: in a two income world ~ Cynthia Yates *Done ~ Loved this one and will add to my personal collection ~

8. 44 Scotland Street ~ Alexander McCall Smith *Done

9. The Homeschool Journey ~ Susan and Michael Card

10. God is in the Hard Stuff ~ Bruce & Stan *Done

Hi Dawn. I'd be interested if you wanted to review the living on One Income in a Two Income world. That sounds like a great book. I wonder what would happen if America downsized and we all bought less extra stuff?

Good luck on your list!

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